I hope you feel ASIK! while visiting my site...
And I hope you enjoy viewing my art as much as I do creating it!


I translate this word to mean: ENJOY. It seems that the word should be "ASYIK." But my Indonesian friends write "ASIK," so I follow their example.


I love to create graphics and illustrations. My favored mediums are acrylic (by hand), and Photoshop and Illustrator (by computer).
Here is how the Little Devil image was born:
My friends like to call me "Little devil". They say, if my tale stuck you, you would be taken with the lovable charm of a naughty child.

Little Devil's life history

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19??/MAR I was born a little late and after a long labor (Sorry Mom!). CLICK!
19??/APR After junior high school I studied fine arts. CLICK!
19??/DEC My love of art was so great, I worked in three different shops even though I knew little about design and art at the time.
*I worked as an assistant making block copies for character goods.
*T-shirts, Cushions, and Handkerchiefs that had my character designs were sold.
*I taught art classes for children.
1995/NOV I was tempted to move to the north because I love snow.
My CD-rom called "TAM-TAM's CHRISTMAS" was sold. My pen-name was "TOCCO" (pronunced TOKKO) at that time. Now I have changed it to "TOKUKO" because I think "TOCCO" is pronounced "TOCCHO" in Indonesian.
1996/JAN I made block copy of hand bills for an eletiric appliance store. I also got occaisinal assignments as an illustrator. CLICK!
1998/APR I don't like heat and bags... But I went on my first trip to Indonesia. I paid for this two weeks vacation with money earned from my illustrations. The trip was marvelous!!! CLICK!
1998/SEP The charm of Indonesia overwhelmed me! Soon I went on my second two weeks trip to Indonesia. I just couldn't wait to go again! CLICK!
1999/APR Now Indonesia is starting to feel like my home! I went on my third trip to Indonesia to study Jawa dance for two months. CLICK!
2000/JAN I started my web site with luck and depend on intuition. But not many visitors came... CLICK!
2001/MAY I started my web site for cell phone. I don't know why...but many visitors came... CLICK!
NOW For me, working as a "starving illustrator" is a labor of love. There's nothing else I'd rather do! Sometimes, when it's hard to make ends meet, I remind myself to "Relax and enjoy life!" CLICK!